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To tell a compelling story, you need more than ordinary words and pictures. Ask the right questions, and you’ll unearth an inspired answer. Capture a certain light, a certain moment, and you’ll visually communicate a narrative that would take a thousand words to explain. The power of a story to influence, educate or inspire comes from the craft that goes into the storytelling.

Compelling narratives, skillfully told, are what Farmer Clark do best. We’ve spent years honing our craft, making our mistakes, and refining our approach. Prisoners and presidents. All Blacks and mathematicians. Brewers, bankers and everyday people. Every one of them has a compelling story. We know how to draw it out, shape it and share it with the world.

Alison Farmer | Farmer Clark

Alison Farmer

There is a story waiting in everyone and Alison’s super power is being able to draw it out. Her meticulous approach to interviews ensures that, once the camera is switched on, everything we capture is gold. With her background as an Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker, Alison has the knack for building an open and easy rapport with interview subjects. This rare skill allows her to draw out compelling, real stories from anyone: US presidents and death row prisoners, acclaimed poets and All Blacks, master craftsmen and everyday Kiwis.

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Simon Clark | Farmer Clark

Simon Clark

Visually telling a story takes more than a camera and a hand to hold it. It takes an experienced eye that can notice the unnoticed. And Simon has been capturing that magic from behind a camera for two decades. First as a photojournalist in the dangerous corners of the world, then as a high-end advertising photographer, and now as a DOP turning his lens to compelling documentary narratives and clever brand stories. Simon brings a special mix of relaxed charm and relentless focus to every shoot, putting his subjects at total ease while deftly crafting the perfect shot, telling a deeper story than the obvious one.

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